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Stress Reduction : The Mindful Pause

How many times do you find yourself running around in circles while, seemingly, getting farther and farther behind?  Do you notice that you have racing thoughts during the day and/or when you put your head down on the pillow at night?  Is your heart sometimes beating hard when you’re not exerting yourself physically?  Do you find yourself snacking when you’re not really hungry?  Are you trying so hard to concentrate when in a meeting that you totally lose focus?  Do you over react and feel overwhelmed by anger when something small happens?

These are signs of stress.  If they are left unchecked, they can lead to physiological problems.  Depending on your genetics, you might eventually end up with gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, headaches, muscular issues, etc.

One simple thing can make a huge difference.  You can realize that you are stressed and stop for A Mindful Pause.  The first thing you do is to slow your mind down by taking 4 or 5 nice, slow breaths, noticing the sensation of your breath coming in and then going out of your nostrils. If possible, stand up, stretch, walk a few steps, noticing how it feels in your body as your change your position from sitting to standing.  What does it feel like in your arms when you stretch?  When you take a few steps, move your attention into your legs and feet as they swing forward.  Feel the muscles engage and disengage.

What I am suggesting is that you give your problem solving mind a break while you bring your attention into various parts of your body.  A whole different part of your brain will be activated by this mini-vacation.  You will notice that even though it seems as if you didn’t do much of anything, you will feel refreshed.