Living With Dignity Collection

is a collection of classic award-winning short films that move us to consider how best to respond to life’s challenges. Each film presents a topic worthy of deep and meaningful follow-up discussions with yourself, your family and friends, and your religious or social service organization.

Beginning with PEEGE, honored as a selection to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, a young man confronts his once vibrant grandmother’s inability to communicate in a nursing home. Special commentary is provided by a gerontologist on issues we face with AGING. FAMILY is further explored in the companion film, PORTRAIT OF GRANDPA DOC. LEO BEUERMAN: A LEGACY brings back and updates one of the most inspiring stories of faith and perseverance overcoming DISABILITY. Understanding the true meaning of CHARITY and sacrifice is taught through the story of a homeless man, OUTSIDE THE LUCKY, and, finally, the acceptance of DEATH is beautifully portrayed in DEATH OF A GANDY DANCER. Five unforgettable films on AGING, FAMILY, DISABILITY, CHARITY and DEATH celebrate the dignity of life.

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Leo Beuerman: A Legacy


Leo Beuerman was born in 1902, enclosed in a twisted, crippled body that would commonly be described as grotesque, ugly, and repulsive. He was a dwarf, 36 inches in height, weight 50 pounds, unable to walk, who maneuvered himself around on a square wooden platform fitted with casters at each corner. At fifty years of age, he began selling pencils and other wares in downtown Lawrence, Kansas from a small red wooden cart he made that resembled a crude kiddie car. For 16 years, he drove a specially rigged tractor, hoisted himself into his cart and pushed it with his arms and hands down the sidewalk to his place of business in front of the Woolworth Department store.

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